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White Hellebores

Hi Everyone

Wet and windy here in the high peak, so this week's blog comes from inside my warm attic studio

A really popular question is how to paint white in watercolour? 

I start with just water and paint around what I want to remain white. Then drop colours into the wet areas, letting the water on the paper do the mixing for me. DO NOT FIDDLE let the paint do its thing. See the workshop sheet for the colours used.

Whilst the first wash is drying I start to observe local colour and shadow areas within the white flower heads. Don't be concerned, you remain in control, the paint will only flow into wet areas.

When the background wash is at the just damp stage, go back into it with thicker paint. Which is more pigment to water ... about the consistency of double cream... this creates soft shapes within shapes.

Now for final touches, I don't use masking fluid, it can result in very unnatural results. The white bits always seem to be in the wrong place, of course, this could always be user blunder, I'm not the most patient bunny in the box!

How to workshop sheet

Winsor and Newton make a calligraphy ink in white which is acrylic, and very thin inconsistency, which is brilliant for fine lines. I find this works a treat when I need white line detail. You can get it from Jackson's Art Supplies online, but Hobbycraft stock it too.

Happy painting till next week.

Sheila x


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