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Sheila Gill Watercolour Artist


Featured Art Work

Watercolour is a very popular medium, but because so many amateur watercolour artist used it in the latter half of the 19th century we tend to conjure up a mental picture of genteel ladies sitting at summer easels painting timid and delicate watercolour paintings.

An impression forms of an occupation similar to that of flower arranging.

However, professional watercolour artists like Sheila Gill of Chesterfield Derbyshire, regard it completely differently, exploiting watercolour in its many forms, fascinated by its possibilities and highly expert in her craft.

Her watercolour paintings have earned her a number of "highly commended" awards.

Flowers as a subject, though, have been joined by landscapes and animals. "I've always loved gardening," explains Sheila, "and flower painting was a natural extension of this passion."

"But the beauty of the Derbyshire landscape, particularly the White Peak, begs to be painted, and I spend a lot of time working outdoors."

"I'm inordinately fond of Venice, and I've worked there a couple of times, as for animals, I love horses, hares and cats. Unfortunately, my son's allergic to the latter, so I use next door's resident feline Barney as a model."

Thank you for viewing my web site I hope that you enjoyed my watercolour paintings.