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Awesome Trevone Bay Cornwall

Hi Everyone

As winter is fast approaching, and not too much lovely autumn colour left thought I would share some more of my sketchbook from Cornwall.

Spring is a beautiful time on the north Cornish coast, you can be lucky and get really lovely sunny days, and a real bonus not too many people are out and about yet, it's just you and the sea, with calls from curious seagulls. Bliss.

On this sketch, I'm above Trevone Bay heading to Rocky Point the tide really comes in quick here. From this point, you can see the glorious sinkhole formation and the natural swimming pool. AWSOME.

I was inspired to paint a studio piece from this sketch Trevone Bay Which I was thrilled with, doesn't it show when you have really enjoyed doing the piece.

So if you feel inspired to paint the sea, you can find a how-to sheet just click on the link. Enjoy till next week How to paint the sea.

Happy painting

Sheila x


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