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Big Studio Tidy Up

Hi Everyone

It's raining again here in lovely Derbyshire, so a good opportunity to have a good tidy Up and sort out of paintings.

I have been playing in my head for some time now, about taking on the challenge of abstract painting, It has always been a big question for me as to why some work and others seem to fall short?

So the conclusion after a years procrastination and pondering are... I think thought and consideration to tonal balance and shape form, may have to be a lot more considered when abstracting the view. Holding the composition together will be the biggest challenge. I guess the secret is in the name, if something is abstracted, its essence has to be super clear.

I know lots of you are already super good at this, so do let me know what your recipe for success is, in the comments below. It will be great to share the journey with you all.

So to this end, I will be having a clear-out to make way for all these new ideas. Some watercolour paintings I have already posted on the Originals Page if you want to take a look click the link here Original Art

Looking forward to sharing my struggles with you all, and will post work in progress in all its forms along the way, good or bad.

So whilst inspired I am getting stuck right in... Off to the studio with a bin bag in hand.

 Happy Painting

Sheila x

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