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Cornish Sketchbook Tour No 2

Hi Everyone.
Do hope you are all well, let's hope the end is in sight with the rollout of the covid vaccine schedule. So what can we look to for inspiration whilst we wait?

Rick Stein has continued to delight with stunning scenery from the Cornish coastline. So though I would check Youtube out, and take a look at some Cornish artists work, and see how they take inspiration from the scenery around them.

What a delight to find Kurt Jackson just one of many talented artists to call Cornwall their studio. Do check his work out for yourself, it has a very real sense of place, and just explodes off the surface with integrity.

I offer my second sketchbook tour almost in embarrassment after enjoying his work so much, but it has inspired me to try something new.

Looking outside my studio window in snowy Derbyshire, there is a very old Oak Tree, which in this early snowy light looks amazing in all its naked glory.

This has inspired me and will be my jumping-off point for a series of mixed media trees. I am so looking forward to the challenge, I can hardly wait to put paint to paper and start this new journey. I will share early progress with you next week. Till then get painting, and be safe.

Happy creating.

Sheila x


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