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Discovering the Beauty of Snowy Derbyshire through Sketching Trees

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Hello from snowy Derbyshire

So excited all last week to get started on the new tree project. I quickly realized that all great journeys start at the begging, and have all the P's in place, perfect preparation and all that.

So to this end went out eagerly with sketching kit to investigate trees with an inquiring eye.

Wind, snow, rain, and fleetingly beautiful sunshine and that was just the first 5 minutes, but then I do live in Derbyshire, so all part of the fun.

So what did I learn, ... keep focus and don't get side tracked by fleeting moments. Unless they are relevant to the story you are trying to tell. That said you still need to enjoy the path you are on, otherwise you will just peter out and run out of motivation.

I enclose the two sketches. Snowy Ashover, Sunny Linacre Woods.

Linacre Woods Chesterfield

Ashover Derbyshire

Happy journeying

Sheila x


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