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Sketchbook Tour No 3 Cornwall and Amsterdam

Sketchbook Cornwall Van Gogh

Morning fellow creatives!

As we approach the end of winter, the cold and snow can make it feel like the worst two weeks of the year for the great British weather. However, the promise of early spring sunshine is just around the corner, and soon we will all be able to venture outside with our sketching kits and enjoy the fresh air.

In this article, we offer you a sketchbook tour of North Cornwall. While the weather during our trip was not all sunshine, it was still a lovely and invigorating experience. We believe that changing conditions can actually be beneficial to the creative process, as it stimulates our senses and inspires new ideas.

Exploring North Cornwall's Coastal Landscape

North Cornwall is a beautiful region of England with a rugged coastline and dramatic cliffs. The coastline stretches for miles, and it offers a diverse range of sketching opportunities for any artist. From secluded coves to bustling harbours, you will find inspiration around every corner.

One of our favourite spots in North Cornwall is the iconic Tintagel Castle. The castle sits atop a dramatic cliff and provides a breathtaking view of the rugged coastline. We recommend sketching the castle from different angles to capture its magnificence.

If you are looking for a quieter location, then we suggest visiting Port Isaac. This small fishing village is known for its narrow streets and picturesque harbour. You can sketch the colourful boats as they bob in the water or capture the charm of the historic buildings.

Another location that we recommend for sketching is the seaside town of Bude. The town has a long sandy beach and a breakwater that offers an excellent view of the sea. You can also sketch the rocky cliffs that frame the coastline.

Sketching in North Cornwall's Countryside

North Cornwall's countryside is equally as inspiring as its coastline. The region is home to rolling hills, quaint villages, and picturesque farmland. You will find endless opportunities to capture the essence of rural life.

One of our favourite locations for sketching in the countryside is Bodmin Moor. The moorland has a wild and rugged beauty that is unique to the area. You can sketch the ancient standing stones, rocky outcrops, and windswept trees that dot the landscape.

If you are looking for a more tranquil location, then we recommend visiting the village of St Mabyn. The village has a charming church, a traditional pub, and quaint cottages that make for great sketching subjects.

For a more colourful experience, we suggest visiting the seaside town of Padstow during the summer months. The town is known for its colourful floral displays, which provide an excellent opportunity to capture the vibrancy of the season.

Getting the Most Out of Your Sketching Trip

To get the most out of your sketching trip to North Cornwall, we recommend bringing a lightweight and portable sketching kit. You can set up your easel and capture the scene in front of you quickly and efficiently.

It's also essential to dress appropriately for the weather, as the conditions can change quickly in North Cornwall. We suggest bringing warm clothing, waterproofs, and sturdy footwear to ensure that you are comfortable while sketching.

Finally, we recommend taking breaks throughout the day to rest and recharge. North Cornwall has plenty of cafes and pubs where you can grab a bite to eat and warm up with a hot drink. Take the time to relax and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings.


North Cornwall is a beautiful region of England that offers endless opportunities for sketching and inspiration. Whether you prefer the rugged coastline or the tranquil countryside, you will find something to capture your imagination.

We hope that this sketchbook tour has inspired you to plan your own trip to North Cornwall. With the promise of early spring sunshine on the horizon, there is no better time to venture.

The last few pages of this book includes a trip to Amsterdam to see the Van Gogh works, and the colourful canal boats. A brilliant trip.


Sheila x

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