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The big question. Plastic and Recycling.


it's been a difficult year for everyone, especially for those that have lost loved ones. 2021 is looking brighter, with the amazingly hopeful news on the new vaccines. Let's hope a return to something like normal won't be too far away.

The next big issue will be waste. So looking forward to what can we do, in our own small way, as a family company to help save the world from the plague of plastic, and landfill in general.

The greeting card industry, in general, is not a big buyer in the packaging marketplace, it massively leads by supermarkets and their supply chains. If you want an interesting read take a look at the story of stuff.

Greeting cards are recyclable, the cello wrap however does have to be separated in the recycling depots. I think more work and major research are still required in this area to make it completely successful.

There are versions of self-seal wraps being explored, these would eliminate the need for cello bags, a great article covering this topic can be read at Blueeyedsun. We are currently exploring all options available to use at the moment. However, it may be that one solution may not fit all scenarios. You can be sure we are doing our very best.

So what can we do now, personally and as a small company wherever possible to reuse everything?

If you receive your order from us through the post, it will come in Brown Paper from Rajapack, which is made from 100% recycled materials and is recyclable after use. The address envelope is made from potato starch and is also recyclable. Cello Tape we still use but are replacing shortly with something that will make all our packaging recyclable ( still researching the best option).

A great big polluter of course is vehicle transportation where do our goods travel from and to? We use a local company to print our greeting cards, which is about 1 mile from our packing unit. Keeping road miles down and Royal Mail delivers them for the majority of our orders.

Notes on a personal pilgrimage... Those that follow me regularly know that I love my garden. I've adopted the no-dig approach this recycles lots and lots of cardboard and keeps the weeds down whilst warming the soil for my lovely seedlings to get their roots established quicker

An excellent idea for a mini greenhouse.... 2 litre milk carton, cut half way down, and half way round, so you make a hinge. Fill the bottom half with peat free compost and sow your seeds. It can be put on a windowsill, with no mess. A perfect start for your seeds.

Another use for plastic milk cartons, fill with water and put in the greenhouse next to your tender plants,( Like a hot water bottle) It absorbs the heat in the daytime, and gives it off at night. A degree or too can make a big difference. No need for heaters.

If we all do a little bit it will add up to a lot of changes, to make a happier and greener planet for the future.

Happy recycling.

Sheila x


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